Posted by: dagmarsands | November 18, 2009

Young People today have such a childlike quality

I went to University of West Georgia today to see my son Michael perform in a concert.
I spent the afternoon and evening surrounded by young people. Some of them studying
to be a doctor, some languages, others want to be professors or teachers.

What I find amazing is the child-like quality in these 21 and 23 year olds. They still have
this NAIVE and SWEET outlook on life. I wish I could protect them and let them keep
this for many more years because when they get out there in the real world of dealing
with stocks, money, paying bills and today’s economy, this SWEET outlook will be
replaced with STRESS and having to focus on hard WORK and lot less play.

I think by surrounding yourself with young people today you laugh more, you have
more trusting outlook and staying young attitude. I hope to visit with these students
again soon and it was great to laugh, to enjoy the evening and to relax in a totally
different athmosphere. I loved it!


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