Posted by: dagmarsands | November 17, 2009

You should know about Oscre!

I want to share with you something about OSCRE!
What is it? Why do we need it? Here is what OSCRE organization says about that:

Just as a car needs a company to build it and engineers to keep it running, so the OSCRE Standards need people to maintain, develop and promote them.

That organization is OSCRE Americas, set up to administer the Standards. It is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and funding comes from membership fees only. Our members provide real-world business expertise to develop our Standards via democratic Workgroups.

The rapid adoption of e-commerce is vital to the continued prosperity of the property industry. This vital change process has to be led by the industry itself. The expertise of our property professionals is world class, and now is the time to get the industry together to agree how best we can really improve our services using e-commerce.

Our organization not only provides the forum for change, but also actually is delivering the means for change.

Their Mission is:

“Deliver global standards for exchanging electronic real property information and drive their adoption”

Managing International Standards

OSCRE Americas is the organization responsible for the development and adoption of the OSCRE Standards within the United States, Canada and South America. OSCRE America is co-founder of the OSCRE International Consortium that drives the adoption of open e-business standards for the real estate industry.

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