Posted by: dagmarsands | November 15, 2009

Czech It Out – The Czech Chick!

I was born in Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.

If your primary language is Czech, I can guide you through the home
selling or home buying process in your native language. I can help you
buy your new home, sell a home or relocate you and your family to or
from this area. You can turn to me with confidence! I will go an extra mile
to help you.



Zdravim vsechny moje krajany!

Nabizim Vam profesionalni zastoupeni a pomoc pri prodeji a nakupu
realit a pri relokaci. Specializuji se prevazne v oblasti Atlanty, Georgiji.
Pokud ale potrebujete pomoci v jine casti Spojenych Statu, nebo i
v zahranici, rada Vam doporucim kvalitniho profesionala z nasi skupiny.

Znate-li nekoho v okruhu Vasi rodiny a znamych, kdo hleda kvalitni
servis v oblasti realit, obratte se na me s duverou! Vasi znami se mohou
spolehnout na stejne profesionalni servis, jakeho ode me ziskate i Vy!
“At te osud vede jakoukoliv cestou, nezapomen devce. ze jsi holkou Ceskou”.

Whether you are considering selling or buying your home, I realize how
important it is for you to get the best service! You made an important
decision and I am here to help you achieve your goal with integrity and

My knowledge, professionalism and negotiation skills can
help you achieve the best terms and conditions for your property. I will
work very hard to make this process a pleasant experience for you!

I want to be Your Realtor for LIFE, not just one transaction. I am interested
in building strong, lifelong relationships, one client at a time. My sole
objective is your complete satisfaction!

While I can best help you in the Atlanta,Georgia area, I can connect you
with the highest recommended professional anywhere in the United States
as well as internationally!

Sincerely, Dagmar Sands


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