Posted by: dagmarsands | November 13, 2009

Retire or not Retire? That is the question…

How many baby boomers today are thinking about this questions? What should I do…. RETIRE or not RETIRE? For years everyone has looked for the “Golden Years”… well, guess what.. they may not be so GOLDEN in this economy.

These next few years this is the question many baby boomers will be facing and they must answer. Well, the reality is this: If you retire at a certain age, you only get a certain amount from Social Security. Your pension may or may not be safe. Many of my friends who worked for Corporate America found out that there is NO pension for them. Look at ENRON, look at GM, look at many other companies that left these employees in a pickle.

What do you think is better…. a DOLLAR today or few dollars tomorrow? That is also a question because if you do the math trying to figure out how many years would it take you to recoop the money you are losing or gaining… you’ll find out that we all have different ambitions, goals and retirement plans. For me, I think I will work until I die and I will never retire but then you should NEVER say NEVER. So until then, I am working hard trying to create my own future. How about you?


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