Posted by: dagmarsands | November 12, 2009

MEETUP…. what is it all about??

MEETUP  was a word that I heard for many months before I finally took a look at it and realized that this may be a new way for me to meet new people, network and share leads with them.

I told one of the agents at my office that we are going to schedule our own
Investors Meetup Group for Johns Creek/Duluth and Alpharetta, Georgia.  We set it up in a restaurant and I said either someone will show up or she and I will enjoy a wonderful dinner together.

Well, here it is a year later and we have over 288 members who thought this was a great idea and joined us.  Now we meet on monthly basis and what is happening is that relationships have built and we are doing so much together.  We have speakers, we network, we have a wonderful lunch and it’s a win-win benefit for everyone.

If you are curious about Meetup go to and put in your zip code.  Every single meetup group will pop up from mothers with children with autism, internet marketers, investors meetup, singles, etc.

Find what you want to learn more about or what would benefit you best.
Then MEETUP with those people on regular basis.  Good luck!

If you are interested about our meetup group – visit and check us out.


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