Posted by: dagmarsands | November 12, 2009

Happiness comes from within….

I watched a show yesterday where they did a study about the happiest place to live (California)  and the most doom and gloom place to live (Kentucky).

The city in California had a community setting, many people were involved and it was a happy place to live.  The city in Kentucky was becoming a ghost town because of the economy and you never did
see many people walking around town. 

The two women that exchanged their lives both in the service (restaurant industry) went to experience what the other place was like. 

The most interesting result was that EACH one of these women came back home and said she could live anywhere and still be happy. 

I guess what the show was trying to point out is that : “Happiness comes from within”… and it doesn’t matter where you live, if you are a happy person on the inside, you can find happiness anywhere.

I thought it was a very interesting experiment and wanted to share it with you.

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