Posted by: dagmarsands | November 10, 2009

Ten C’s To Remember and Use in Today’s Market


1. Content – Yes, “Content is still king.” Your visitors may not read every word, but interesting, informative and useful content that is regularly updated is what brings them back to your website time and time again. Good content that is refreshed often also helps get your site into and keeps it in top search engine positions.

2. Creativity – Ask what makes or will make your website unique? We are not suggesting that you look to the bizarre, or make it so unusual that it doesn’t make sense. We suggest, however, that your site is creative and unique enough that visitors remember it and, hopefully, bookmark it. What will differentiate you and your website.

3. Consistency –Visitors know that they are still on the same site. By keeping consistent navigation and placement of elements, you will provide an enjoyable, rather than a frustrating, experience.

4. Clarity – When someone visits your website, is it clear right away what the website is all about? Are the navigation links and tools descriptive, clear and easily seen? We have all seen “clever” sites that use interesting icons that don’t make any sense.  Try to avoid including any parts of your site that are clear to you but may be confusing to your visitor.

5. Convenience – How convenient is the information that a visitor is likely to be looking for? We suggest including contact information on every page. On the longer pages, always include links back to the top plus links at the bottom to make it easy to move around.

6. Color – When choosing color schemes, keep in mind that how visitors view your site depends a great deal upon the type of monitor they are using.  White on black is striking, but difficult to read. Try to keep your color schemes consistent and complimentary of one another.

7. Communication – Communicate in a friendly, conversational manner. Make sure you have an easy way for visitors to contact you, and when they do, be sure to answer their e-mails as promptly as possible. Offer a  tip sheet and ask for feedback. You will be amazed by the friendships that you build.

8. Community – This is what follows from #7. Another way to build communication and communtiy interaction is to offer a forum or discussion board.

9. Current – It is extremely important that your site is updated and kept current on a regular basis. There are tools that will post the actual date which looks like it has been just updated.

10. Control – By applying the previous tips, you will create a satisfying experience for your visitors. They will feel that they are in control of their visit. The truth is that the more control we give others, the more they will give back to us. And, they will not only return often, they will tell others about the site and urge them to visit.

I hope this is helpful – it helped me and I’m still trying to be perfect. Just remember one thing – it is work in progress.  Even though you want it to be PERFECT, just keep perfecting it and move on!


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